• Tin Woodman

    Vessel-FIsh "IRONиЯ"

    The work contains many moving elements: eyelids, lower jaw, side doors, the head rotates with the handle. When the viewer approaches, the motion sensor turns a propeller and fins on. Illumination inside the hull makes it possible to examine the operati…
    Year of the Ox



Scales in the form of a swinging fish

Tin Woodman

Night light in the form of a woodcutter beetle

Cycling Champion

Black and non-ferrous fish, bicycle parts used, chasing, soldering, welding

Wolf Cub

Ferrous metal dog

Still Life

Platter with pears

Double Tax



Figures with various accessories

Knight's Helmet

Full size Knight's Helmet replica


Zodiac Signs series

Small Fish

Stainless steel fish with etched ornament


Tabletop car sculpture with the elements of the phone. If you start the car, the motor produces engine sounds